Get Full Service for a 1.5% Listing Commission

Selling with Thomas Real Estate Team can get you great results and saves you thousands.
Get money back at closing when you buy, and pay just half the typical listing fee when you sell.*


Listing your home is an important part in your life. Choosing the right agent or team is also important.  What if you could receive stellar full service, but for a fraction of what others charge? 1.5%  The average agent charges 2.5-3%.



Average Cost to List Your Home

Sales Price: $ 800,000
Commission: $ 48,000

(Example: 6% Total Commission, 3% for each agent)

Listing with Thomas Real Estate Team

Sales Price: $     800,000
Commission: $     28,000

YOU SAVE $20,000 and still receive FULL SERVICE

(Example: 3.5% Total Commission, 1.5% Our Team & 2% to another agent who may bring the buyer)

What Is Your Home Worth?

In this changing world with technology, buyers are able to access your home via the internet.  In fact, majority of buyers use the internet to search for homes before ever contacting an agent.  So how do we offer you a savings of thousands of dollars compared to other agents?  Simple! We believe in earning your business for life.

We offer you

  • Strategic approach to pricing your home on the market
  • Staging your home as needed
  • Professional Photography to display your home in its true light
  • Professional Brochures (NOT Flyers)
  • Exposure to all major real estate website such as, Zillow,Trulia
  • We will organize multiple Broker and/or a Public Open House
  • Marketing to targeted neighborhoods around your area

Our commitment:  Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. 


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